RoomScan Pro App Reviews

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So easy

Great app, really precise and takes seconds to get started.

Amazing app!

As someone that constantly has to go to job sites without current floor plans, Roomscan has become such a time saver. What would take a couple hours to create a single room floor plan now takes minutes.

Handy, easy to use and as precise as you want it to be

Takes a bit of getting used to choosing and identifying the right spots for measuring and finishing off a room, but once you get the hang of it correcting wall lengths and placing windows and doors is straightforward and makes adding rooms simple. Money well spent.

Good app slight learning curve to use well

Id give it a 4 and half stars. It is surprisingly accurate after double checking everything with a tape measure. Came with in 10% or less error. Which could be user error. Its great for estimating and drawing out simple room plans.

Great iPhone app!

Did my entire houses measurements and office, it was pretty accurate and saved time.

Cool but have to pay to export

The app works pretty well for most rooms and you can manually adjust when it does mess up. The biggest reason that keeps me from giving this four or five stars is that you can export a picture with no measurements but if you want to export a picture with all the work you just did that includes all those room measurements like any floorplan, it means that you have to pay a dollar for export credits. So after purchasing the app you then basically have to pay to use it still. Not cool. Great app ruined by bizarre gouging.

Awesome app

Works great with my leica laser tape

Amazing app!

Couldnt believe how well this works.

A good start

Not perfect, but does a decent job. Might need to do a few times per room to get it correct, but faster than by hand with rape measure.

Works like magic

I was skeptical at first, but very impressed with the results.


Easy to use. Very helpful for wife decorating and my studio build.

Great for quick specs

Easy to use, and useful on the fly. One catch is that for the money to buy the app you still have to pay to play.

Very cool

Cant think of any negatives ... Does what it claims. Pretty cool app when youre remodeling a house as we are ...

Very helpful app

Works as advertised.

Great app

Easy to use and fairly accurate

Take this with you when you go apartment hunting!

Excellent resource for planning a room, or just comparing apartments.

Used to make a floor plan to include with listing for home sale

Very easy to use. I made a floor plan of the entire three story home in about an hour. The app automatically calculated the home square footage as well!

Great little program

Sweet to use, once you get the hang of it.

Great App

Used it to estimate flooring needs in a new home and it was accurate to within 12 sqft when the guy came out to give me an estimate!

Fantastic and easy to use.

Glad I found this. Great way to quickly get measurements and see what additional adding to the house may look like!

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