RoomScan Pro App Reviews

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Great app! Now its very simple get measure!!

Not sure

When I got the app wasnt sure if it would work as well as they say it would, but to my surprise it works quite well Ive used it twice now and its easy and fun.

Saved me time

I cant believe it but the app really works. Was able to get drawings to my contractor for so work. Now if I could do my yard.

Awesome app! Works like magic

So far, I am loving this apps ability to map and measure a room. Does what is says.

Easy and accurate

Im liking at installing flooring in my home and this app was spot on with the measurements from the flooring store.

Fantastic time saver

We are interior designers and find this app fantastic to get a rough idea of a room layout for color consultations and furniture arrangement. Saw it mentioned on Facebook and I couldnt believe what I read but after using it for a few times we love it!

I am not a person who pays $5 for an app..

After seeing it on Twitter a few times I decided to see what it was about. Seeing as we are about to put hardwood floors in I wanted to know how many square ft it would be. I tested it at work. Then I used a tape measure to see how accurate it really was. The room had 6 walls. It is pretty much spot on. Same with my family room and again it was accurate. Worth the money.


Cant believe this works as well as it does!!

very poor for non rectangular rooms

For the price the developers should not charge extra to export a file, especially when it is so difficult to draw very basic shapes. For the amount of time I spent trying to manually draw a kitchen with bay windows in this app I couldve easily used a desktop based vector app and done my entire house or even hand drafted the whole thing. I like the concept but the execution is poor. For example, even in a rectangular room the app tries to recalculate walls to match the dimensions of other walls so if you have more than a flat wall on one side it will continuously change your inputs until you tweak every measurement to add up correctly. It should allow you to lock a walls measurement so that it cannot change instead of "correcting" something that it isnt supposed to. Also, the measurements are not very accurate. I manually measured every room to ensure accuracy and there was always inaccuracy and sometimes it was over 1 ft. Basically, dont waste your money on this.


I find this great for a fast check of o/a room dims & sq ft - i then just add what details I need to remember.

Sweet App

Easy to use, fairly accurate, cool technology.

Doesnt work as advertised

This thing cant match up walls, get dimensions wrong, etc... Dont waste your money.


This is one of the coolest apps Ive ever used. There is a learning curve, so be sure to watch the tutorial videos and practice on several different room types. Once you know how to use properly and get used to it, this app is true my amazing and pretty accurate. My rooms were only off by a couple of inches.

Great app

Easy to use!!

Great tool

Used this to help during a move across country and worked great for furniture for and placement. Highly recommend.

Better than I could have imagined!

This works! Using it to determine measurements for furniture & art hangings in a new home.

Great for rough ideas of non rectangular space

Some folks war perfect precision but I really am just interested in rough outlines and judging space for audio reflection and space management. Its great for that.

Awesome tool!

I use this tool to draw up house plans when surveying for work. Great tool!

Not bad

Have to do a few passes but its pretty accurate.

Great Tool for Mapping Your House

I have used the tool during renovations to help people visualize my current floor plan when Im shopping for tile. It definitely gives you the ballpark on the perimeter and the square footage that is useful for estimating the cost of both drywall and tile. I can see this tool as a help tool for Real estate agents to create a simple blueprint for old houses and display them within the MLS.

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