RoomScan Pro App Reviews

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La meilleur / The best

A date, cest et de loin la meilleure app jamais acheté ! / Its, up to now, the best app ever bought !

Really wanted it to work but doesnt

I agree with all the other reviews. I tried several times to make the app work but it just isnt accurate. I ended up just going ahead and taking a tape measure, which was far faster than waking around the room 20 times and still not getting accurate measurements.

Useful App plus has great wow and share factor

Whenever I use this app, someone is always amazed that, yes it measures and calculates rooms for me. "Wow, can you share that with me?"

Systems Engineer

Amazing app! People who gave it poor review just need to read or follow instructions before ripping apart an extremely good piece of software that has countless functionality!

Awesome app!

Works great and the floor plan drawing is very cool!

Fantastic Tool!

Couldnt be happier. Does everything expected and more.

Great app for realtors

I am realtor and this app comes in very handy to measure property rooms


Sadly this app doesnt work well on large rooms, it needs to calibrate quicker than the time it takes you to walk across the room.

Very handy tool!

Im an industrial contractor and Im constantly creating sketches to later plot into formal drawings using my CAD program. RoomScan gives me the tool I need to quickly sketch, store and email plans.

Good app

Works 90% of the time had issues when I was doing large warehouses though

Cool program

Program works well. Not to happy that I have to spend more money to export drawing though. Should get some free exports when you buy it then pay if you need more.

Great app!

This app works fairly well, with some minor hiccups. Although its a very simple app to use and understand, there could always be improvements. Perhaps its just the user that needs improvement. Lol!

Excellent App

Great, accurate and a breeze to use!

Works well but...

Gets confused with open floor plans.

Very satisfied

This app works surprisingly well. The measurements are as precise as using a tape measure. I always impress people when I whip out my iPhone and measure a room in about 20 seconds.

Great app. Handy when a tape measure isnt around.

Like I said I use this app when I dont have a tape measure. Its very handy for sure. Its not exactly 100% accurate which is why I only gave it four stars but surprisingly its been getting more accurate as I use it

Great app when house hunting

I got this app when I started house hunting. It is amazingly accurate for mapping out the house I am looking out within 10 minutes or less. It lets me easily see what will and wont fit in what rooms when debating different homes. While there are some tricks in getting it to record properly its still far easier and faster than doing it manually. When checking the measurements on my existing home its accurate within 1" for the rooms up to 20 across.




Must have app! Please keep on developing

Export needed

Please add exporting in some vector format, not only picture.

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