RoomScan Pro App Reviews

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Pretty Nifty

Sometimes it tries to attach a room on the wrong side though


This app is pretty amazing, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. •Autocorrect should also work at the floor level to align rooms and doors. •should be able to add windows during scan •you got to be quick in large spaces No option for stairs All in all a great new concept, but not ready for prime time just yet.

Very Cool

Takes a few trial runs. But the easiest method for doing space planning I have found so far.

Just starting to use it.

So far so good.

Very easy to use

This makes quick floor plans in a snap very very easy to use

Neat app

Very confusing at first and hard to adjust rooms but very helpful overall

Handy, fun

Not precise, but sure makes it easy to get a darn close picture.

Time saver

The app is pretty easy to use and saves me a bunch of time on simple existing layouts. For free its pretty great.


Great app. Works very well. Saved tons of time.


Good for on the fly.

Not quite as easy as they claim

Its great for drawing a rough diagram of a piece of property. I found it easier to just use the tools to draw the rooms with the app, rather then its key drawing features. Plenty of room for improvement - its a great first shot, though!

The Future of Floorplans!

Easy and intuitive to use.

Very cool!

Could be a bit easier to use for non rectangular rooms, but the tech is great in general

Worked great for basic floor plan

Works great when quick floor plans are needed! What a cool app.

Awesome App!!!

This makes quoting jobs very easy!!!! Awesome application.

Awesome App

It does its job very effectively. Great buy.

Very useful

Im really enjoying doing a room by room analysis of my home. Helps if you want to refloor an area too. Great app.

Great idea and tech

Not great at building floor plans or to get completely accurate but close enough for material estimates.

Very user friendly!

Save time and money with this app. Very useful tool and lighter than a tape measure!

Nice little app

Im concerned about the accuracy but it seems pretty good for estimates

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